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With us you'd learn more in a month than elsewhere in a year

1 min 4. 10. 2022

“I won't lie to you: working at Coworkers is no walk in the park. The product and the company change quickly, sometimes I have to work overtime, and the owners place high demands on the employees. On the other hand, you’ll grow incredibly fast here and get the chance to work on revolutionary products – smart chatbots and voicebots – with immense potential.” These are the words of our consultant Tomáš Kotásek.

Tomáš joined in February 2022. Before that, he had worked in customer services for nine years. First as a line operator, then as a branch manager. So he knows what burns up customer service employees the most and how much a chatbot or voicebot can make their job easier.


Although Tom describes himself as a “Jack of all trades”, he mostly works on conversation design. Simply put, he analyses customer conversations with voicebots and chatbots and suggests how to improve their responses to client queries. The robots are becoming smarter and more autonomous as a result.

“If there’s one thing you really won’t find at Coworkers, it’s a monotonous, sleepy place. We develop customised robots and conversation patterns for each client. Every day is different, and you’re always learning something new. If you’re enthusiastic and have the desire to continually grow and push yourself, the product and the company, I guarantee you’ll be thrilled at Coworkers,”

says Tomáš, who, for example, called around to his old friends from customer centres shortly after his arrival and offered them our automation. He brought in new orders to Coworkers on his own, even though it’s not in his job description at all.

In addition to working on a product with global potential, Tomáš enjoys the team at Coworkers. “I know it sounds like a cliché, but everyone here is a huge enthusiast and at the same time incredibly professional. I can learn a lot from them. They were quick to take me in, too. Actually, at the interview we were already talking like friends. We’re also brutally honest with each other – even when we know the truth is sometimes hard to hear. It suits me well, because without constructive criticism, you’ll never grow much professionally.”


The paradox is that even though Tomáš often deals with colleagues and important clients at work (including Koší, Orange Slovensko, and Komerční banka), he considers himself a strong introvert. “I like to quote Gandhi on this – doing the thing we fear is the first step to success.”

If, like Tomáš, you want to take the first (or next) step to success, check out our career page and let us know.

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