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Revolutionary use of chatbots in practice

5 min 4. 10. 2022

Marketing, support, or HR? These are all areas that chatbots know well. More and more businesses are acquiring chatbots to convert users into customers, increase sales, improve the overall user experience or get more satisfied employees.

The tourism, aerospace, and clothing industries all have their own chatbots. Even the health sector is using virtual assistants to provide clinical psychological support for mental health, for example.

We’ve already discussed the reasons why companies acquire chatbots in a previous article. Now let’s take a look at where chatbots actually add business value to companies and the purposes they can be built for.

Improve customer service

A Zendesk study shows that 89% of customers make their purchase decision based on their first interaction or experience with a company. A chatbot can reach out to potential customers, make initial contact with them, and provide support to existing customers. But it\s important to set a conversational tone and choose a personality.

One of the main advantages of chatbots is speed. Actually, speed and flexibility. They can answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, during holidays, as well as on weekends. The customer doesn’t have to wait for a response, and their problem can be solved at any time.

The following cases show real-world examples that will improve your customer support.

Support your sales

The customer can’t find the product they want or a suitable variant of it, so they leave. Easy access to important information creates a positive relationship with the brand. So let your chatbot know about the product the customer is anticipating and give the customer a discount before they choose the competition.

Sales support

Collect data and contacts

Create forms or questionnaires that give you valuable information about your customers. Ask them how satisfied they are with the product or service and analyse your data.

Data collection

Inform and educate your customers

Providing relevant content will give people confidence and keep them coming back. Show you’re a pro in your field and enrich your customers’ lives with your experience. Or brag about the latest news at your company.

Customer education

Entertain your customers

People like communication that’s fun. Send them jokes, make up a fun quiz, or enter them in a competition. This will get their attention while also generating sympathy for your brand.

A conversational joke

Automate processes within your company

Did you know that recruiters spend up to 40% of their time answering the same questions over and over again? That’s why a chatbot that can give them back almost half their time begs to be used as an effective solution. Employees deal with complex and important situations where a human touch is needed, while simple, routine requests can be handled by the chatbot.

Here are a few of the cases where chatbots would make your internal processes easier and improve your employees’ experience.

Provide 24/7 support

Give your employees time to focus on the tasks that really matter. For example, a chatbot can advise on the process of installing a new computer, provide information on meal vouchers, or book a meeting room.

Internal support

Help HR with recruitment and onboarding

Create a pleasant and productive environment for your employees. As an internal chatbot, your virtual coworker will help train new employees, familiarise them with guidelines, and speed up the onboarding process.

HR recruitment and onboarding

Collect and analyse data

Your employees are your key to success. So ask them – acquire and analyse the data you can get from them quickly and regularly using a chatbot. Create surveys and send questionnaires about their satisfaction in the company.

Data analysis

Resolve unpleasant situations

You can only solve problems if you know about them. The chatbot can also address unpleasant situations such as discrimination, dissatisfaction with a supervisor or inappropriate workplace behaviour. Employees can remain anonymous if they’d like.

Anonymous chatbot

Have a plan yet?

A chatbot is a cost-effective tool in the long term, and it only takes a few weeks to learn. We hope that the topics listed above answer your questions about the use of chatbots and give you a clearer idea of how they can help your business.

There are great benefits to applying a chatbot to your business; you just need to give it a clear vision.
Therefore, we recommend thinking carefully about your marketing and strategic goals and consulting with industry experts if needed.

But don’t worry: that’s what we are here for! 🙂

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