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From idea to brand. ARTIN chatbot becomes

4 min 4. 10. 2022

We started with a chatbot, but gradually our internal project evolved into a sophisticated conversational AI platform. In addition to the chatbot, we also have a voicebot, and we’re not done yet. The ARTIN Chatbot brand just wasn’t enough for us any more. Learn why we became and what it means for you.

At first the ARTIN Chatbot was just an idea in the clever heads of the developers at ARTIN. But after a few sleepless nights, we had our first lines of code, and it was clear it wouldn’t remain just an idea. In a few months, the actual ARTIN chatbot product was created. And after some time, a voicebot arrived alongside it. However, we have many more ideas on the table for other ways to use our NLP (natural language processing) technology.

We suddenly lacked a brand that all these new products could fit under. That’s when we realised how limiting our existing brand was. It was clear to us that if we ever wanted our product to be something more, we had to give it room to develop. Under a brand that would also cover our growing ambitions and expanding product portfolio.

We needed to let our customers know that we are much more than just chatbots. And that we differ from our competitors primarily in our approach to cooperation with our customers. Formally, however, we wanted to remain part of our parent company, ARTIN.

We’re not just a chatbot any more... but how do we tell the world?

Three things were essential for our renaming:

  1. We knew we needed a name for our brand that wouldn’t limit the development of new technologies. Under the new name, we wanted to include a sophisticated chatbot, a voicebot – and all the other potential products related to communication automation, conversational AI, and NLP. We also had to delineate ourselves from basic button-operated chatbots that can’t maintain the context of a conversation and only communicate according to pre-made scripts.
  2. We needed a name that would emphasise that our conversational AI isn’t here to replace humans. It’s here to help them and make their work easier. At the same time, we needed to counter the public’s misconception that AI was so advanced it could learn from its mistakes on its own. Human intervention is still necessary for AI technology to know how and when to react.
  3. We’re not just distributors of one-stop solutions. We stay in contact with our customer even after their chatbot or voicebot is launched. We’re constantly producing new ideas on how improve them and scale them with the customer. And whenever our customers need help with something, we’re there for them. For many of our clients, we’re not just external suppliers – it’s almost as if we’re part of their internal team.

These considerations are what led us to create Conversational AI that doesn’t replace humans, but helps them. And also a company that doesn’t want to just sell its product at any cost and then pull away, but rather a business partner that’s involved in the development of the product and inventing new ways to use it. Judging from extensive user testing, it seems we made the right move.

In the coming weeks, we’ll gradually be transforming the ARTIN Chatbot, and so you’ll see more and more Coworkers. We’d love it if you let us know what you think of this change and how our new identity feels for you. We’ll also soon be going live with a new website. So stay tuned: we have a lot of great things to share with you.

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