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Discover 5 reasons why businesses are deploying chatbots

3 min 4. 10. 2022

It’s been a long time since chatbots were the hot new thing. In fact the first chatbot, ELIZA, was created in 1966. And yet interest is still growing. Studies by Spiceworks predicted that by the end of 2021, the adoption of AI-based technologies would be up to three times higher. Let’s look together at the top 5 reasons why companies choose to acquire a virtual assistant.

The ideal time to deploy a chatbot is now. The trend is undeniable – chat has become the dominant form of communication for millennials, and older generations have quickly become accustomed to it too. Therefore, customers expect companies to communicate with them via chat. And of course they want answersimmediately and at any time of day.
Yet 30 to 70% of users’ questions are constantly repeated. It’s all very much about routine activities that can be automated using artificial intelligence.

What are chatbots, and how do they work?

A chatbot, as the name suggests, is a chatting “robot” that communicates using pre-prepared scripts. It is able to understand user queries thanks to the development of AI-based natural language processing systems and respond accordingly.

So a chatbot is well suited to answering frequently asked questions. If it’s connected to another system, it can respond not only generally, but also specifically – for example, it can give information on the status of a specific order or change a delivery method. All without human intervention, 24 hours a day, for thousands of users at a time.

The top 5 reasons why companies acquire chatbots:

1. Time and cost savings

Time is the alpha and omega of every business. And if there’s an opportunity to save it, why not take it. Operators typically spend over half of their working hours responding to routine customer requests. A chatbot can handle such requests instantly and effortlessly. Customers with a simple query don’t have to wait, because the chatbot answers them. This frees up the operator to handle customers with complex queries more quickly.

The end result is satisfied customers and operators. And that’s among the goals of every business owner, don’t you think?

2. Process automation

Smart solutions enable fewer people to get more done. And this applies not just for customer support, but for anywhere you need to handle repetitive requests from other people – including your own employees. In larger companies, this often concerns IT or HR support.
Ask yourself: Does every query about a password change or meal voucher really have to be handled by a human?

3. Helpful approach

Every company wants to accommodate its customers and employees and give them the best. To be able to help them 24/7 and be interested in their needs. And a chatbot can even collect feedback!

“At KB, we’re building a culture of feedback, and we wanted to make sure even newcomers can provide it. Meanwhile we wanted to offer a modern query tool based on the latest trends. Taking a chance on a smart chatbot with enhanced functionality paid off, and KuBa is now part of our HR team,” describes Petr Zajíček from Komerční banka.

Give people the opportunity to express how satisfied they are with a product, service, or recent training at your company. Be friendly to people, and they’ll reciprocate. A chatbot can collect negative information with more insight and without stress. Or it can lighten a situation with a clever joke.

4. Use of modern technologies

There’s a growing number of customers for whom it’s crucial that companies keep up with the times and adapt to their needs. And it’s not just about e-commerce. Today, it’s no problem for a customer to change their gas supplier or bank with just one phone call.

By harnessing the latest trends, every company, online shop and business owner can improve their reputation with customers. Regardless of their company’s size.

Imagine a business without social media – once a common practice, unthinkable today. We can hardly imagine a modern company profile without Facebook or Instagram. It may soon be the same with chatbots.

5. A simple and flexible solution

Here at ARTIN, we emphasise simplicity. That’s why our chatbot is designed so that its administrator doesn’t have to know how to program. An ordinary computer user can learn it in a few hours.

We don’t offer the exact same chatbot to everyone. Tell us exactly what you need and how you see it. We can deliver a blank chatbot, as well as a customised solution. And adding new features at the request of our customers is a matter of course for us.

A chatbot gives you a chance to succeed

We’ve already mentioned chatbots’ usefulness. And how they make sense and offer benefits. Now all that’s left is to show you the flip side of the coin: their possible shortcomings in practice. We’re not going to pretend that chatbots are a magic wand with the power to enchant every customer to your advantage. Keep in mind that a chatbot is just a computer program, far behind its counterparts in science fiction films.

It won’t resolve complex situations where a human approach is needed. Its power is in breaking down simple routines.
However, the field of processing speech using AI is developing dynamically. You can count on us to keep working on our chatbot, because we want to stay at the cutting edge and succeed right alongside you.

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